What’s Your Talent???

Helloo and welcome back ! 😛  Today I found myself wondering about what to write AGAIN! And then I started thinking, “Do I have to think for two weeks just to get a topic every time ? How will I continue my blog properly this way? “. While doing all the thinking I also started thinking about the people who update their blogs on a regular basis or a fixed interval of time and still have amazing blogs. Seriously! How do they do that? Believe me, getting an ‘A+’ in your English writing skills is much easier.

Fortunately, all this thinking was not in vain it brought me to my today’s topic ‘No talent is small’. I have a friend who writes really nice poems and she puts all her feelings into it but, whenever I praise her and ask her to take writing seriously she says,” oh this is is nothing special, everybody can write , many people do this and they are better than me at it.” Well, now that I’m writing something I can totally tell her it’s not as easy as she made it out to be. So what if there are many other people who can do it? That doesn’t make your talent any less! There are many people who don’t even realise that they have talents because they think ‘ Anyone can do this, this is nothing special’ but to these people, I would like to say – DUDE! Not everyone can do this! Stop underestimating yourself!!! 

If you are good at making friends, know that it’s a talent, not everybody can do it and many wish that they could. Whether you’re good at speaking, singing, dancing, doodling, socialising, writing, sketching, decorating things, making people feel special on their birthdays and anniversaries or even listening to people or reading or writing in a decorative manner, it’s a talent! Many people wish they could do what you do, it’s just that you don’t see it yet. So what if you think there are people who can do these things better than you because, even if you become a scientist there’ll be someone better out there. Why should it stop you from recognising your own talent and appreciating it! Why not do it more? Why not increase it?  Who knows maybe someday you’ll be even better than the people you thought of as way better than you. Everybody has some talent and no talent is big or small, so stop for a moment and try to acknowledge your own talents because sometimes all we want is recognition and appreciation from our own self. If this is something you rarely do, try doing it more often and see the power of acknowledging yourself. And if till today you thought that you have no talent, then think again and tell me ‘ What’s your talent?’ 😉

Untill next time 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Serid says:

    My talent: i give honest feedbacks to blogs.

    This is awesome. Well expressed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. avanijhanwar says:

      Thanks again 😀 honest feedbacks are much appreciated!!


  2. Vinisha Shrimal says:

    Well…I am touched with this post. Just want to say one thing “you are not completely right with this, but different in your perceptions”

    Liked by 1 person

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