1st of January!

1st January!!! Yaaayyy!
On this day everybody celebrates the ending of a year full of ups and downs and steps forward into another such year wishing for an even more amazing year ahead! But I celebrate the day on which my first and forever Love was born 😀 I celebrate the birthday of a man who works hard all year long to fulfill all my childish and selfish wishes, even when it’s difficult, even when I fight with him and even when he’s angry with me, just to see that big smile on my face and to get that short little hug. He changes his life long rules for me, he accepts and understands my all those actions which he would not for anybody else. He always goes out of the way to keep me satisfied and he expects just one little thing in return i.e. , for me to make decisions that I won’t regret in my life 🙂 irrespective of the fact that whether he agrees with them or not. I celebrate the birthday of My Father! The only man I know who’ll always keep on loving me no matter what I become. The man who has always been there and always will be. Now I may not be the perfect daughter and he might not be the perfect father but we are imperfectly perfect for each other ^-^ And today I’m not with you there to celebrate your birthday but you know ‘I too love you‘ :* Have a very Happy Birthday Daddy and an awesome happy year ahead! 😀 Thankyou for all the things that you’ve done for me in the past year, thankyou for all the mistakes you’ve forgiven, thankyou for listening to me whenever I cry, thankyou for the countless times you’ve made me smile, thankyou for being there for me as a father and as a friend :’)

-with love from Guddi 😁😁

(P.s. Now please be prepared to repeat the same things in the year ahead 😂 )


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  1. adeshjhanwar says:

    Love you so much sweetie pie….:))))

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