Forever Thinking

Afterthought to Thinking Forever

Some people always tend to overthink, about the past, future, people, themselves, life, about everything! And this overthinking doesn’t usually end up giving you happy times.


I myself am an over-thinker and the advice that I usually get when I’m upset goes something like this – “Don’t think so much! There are better things in life to do.”, “You should stop thinking, it isn’t going to change the past/future.”, “Keep yourself occupied, you won’t have time to think then.” . Now, I would love to follow these advises ! Believe me! But sorry to disappoint you, it is much easier said than done! It’s not exactly in the hands of us over-thinkers.

Why can’t we stop thinking? The reason? Well, I like to put it this way – We’ve got lots of brain to apply on situations and things! 😛 To fully analyze them, to come up with 10 different possibilities and 20 different reasoning behind them. And though it can be beneficial in work related situations, it’s not so beneficial when it comes to emotional situations.

So, what can be done? Thinking is messing things up and stopping it seems nearly impossible. What now? Well, I say…. THINK! Think some more! But not about the future or about the past. Think about the food you’re eating, how delicious it is, analyze the taste! think about the music that’s playing, how melodious it is, analyze the rhythm! Think about the lovely stranger in front of you, think about how good you look today, about the movie that’s on, the game that you’re playing! When thinking has made you troubled constantly, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should try to stop thinking. It just means you’re damn good at it! You can think about anything and everything at great lengths! So why not? So don’t stop your “forever thinking”, just change your thinking forever. 😀 


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  1. I ‘think’ I enjoyed your post!

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  2. Serid says:

    You advised something similar to this “Keep yourself occupied, you won’t have time to think then.” 😀

    This post is a better advice though. 🙂 We, so called over-thinkers, need to think about right things!

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  3. This is amazing!
    Don’t stop your forever thinking, just change your thinking forever. Woah! 😀

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  4. Wow, nice blog…
    Put me again in over thinking ;p


  5. Loved the statement by which you concluded! Amazed 🙂


    1. avanijhanwar says:

      Thankyou Vinisha 🙂


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